In simple terms it's a UVM sequencer that contain handles to other sequencers. Why do we need this ? Because we plan to use virtual sequences and want to have control over all sequencers from a central place. A request type is not required here because this sequencer is generic and not limited to handle only one particular data type.

  class my_virtual_sequencer extends uvm_sequencer;
    `uvm_component_utils (my_virtual_sequencer)
    function new (string name = "my_virtual_sequencer", uvm_component parent); (name, parent);
    // Declare handles to other sequencers here
    apb_sequencer       m_apb_seqr;
    reg_sequencer       m_reg_seqr;
    wb_sequencer        m_wb_seqr;
    pcie_sequencer      m_pcie_seqr;

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