At times it would be much easier to write a generic class which can be instantiated in multiple ways to achieve different array sizes or data types. This avoids the need to re-write code for specific features like size or type and instead allow a single specification to be used for different objects. This is achieved by extending the System Verilog parameter mechanism to classes.


Given below is a parameterized class which has size as the parameter that can be changed during instantiation.

class something #(int size = 8);
  bit [size-1:0] out;
module tb;
  something  #(16) sth;                // object with vector of size 16
  something  #(.size (32)) sth;        // object with vector of size 32
  typedef something #(4) td_nibble;    // class with vector of size 4.

A very common usage for parameterized classes is in defining types as parameters. The same class can be used for creating objects with dynamic arrays of different data-types.

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