Every now and then you come across the need to avoid testbench recompilation, and instead be able to accept values from the command line just like any scripting language like bash or perl would do. In System Verilog, this information is provided to the simulation as an optional argument always starting with the + character. These arguments passed in from the command line are accessible in SV code via the following system functions called as plusargs.

  $test$plusargs (user_string)
  $value$plusargs (user_string, variable)

The function $test$plusargs is typically used when a value for the argument is not required. It searches the list of plusargs for a user specified string. A variable can also be used to specify the string, and any null character will be ignored. If the prefix of one of the supplied plusargs matches all characters in the provided string, the function will return a non-zero integer, and otherwise zero.

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