1. Nayan Naware
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  3. Tuesday, December 26 2017, 04:23 AM
Most of the time people get confused between working frequency and bandwidth of a device. Can any one explain the two terms in easy way with an example ???
Aravind Prakash Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Digital IP blocks might work on different clock frequencies and some of them can be changed by register configurations of a clock generation module or PLL that sits somewhere in an SoC and depends on the design. But essentially it is defined as the number of bytes sent in unit time. So if 1024 bytes is sent in 100ns, then the bandwidth will be 10.24 GBps. For example, if the block has an OCP bus interface and is able to transfer data to some other module in the chip say 1024 bytes in 100ns, then the bandwidth for that interface would be 10.24 GBps.
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