1. Rahul Marotkar
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  3. Wednesday, December 20 2017, 04:14 AM
In UVM, Why 12 sub phases in run_phase() executes in parallel ?
Vineeth VS Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
There are no sub phases for run_phase. What one should understand is that there is 'run_phase' and the 'run-time phases'. The 'run_phase' is a single phase, while the 'run-time phases' are a group of phases that run sequentially. The 'run_phase' runs in parallel to the 'run-time phases'.

Now why do we need a set of separate 'run-time phases'? It is provided for those who need fine control over the execution of 'run_phase'. These allow us to have a fine control over the running of test; i.e. when the reset should happen e.t.c
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Aravind Prakash Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Maybe there was only run_phase to begin with, and these sub-phases must have been introduced in some later revision of UVM, just a possibility.
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Rahul Marotkar Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
In UVM, there is no order defined for run-time phases (i.e for 12 sub-phases).
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