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What is SystemVerilog ?

What is SystemVerilog ?

It's a Hardware Verification Language. As you might already know, hardware (computer chips) is designed using a Hardware Description Language (VHDL, Verilog) which is then synthesized into gates like NOR, NAND and sequential elements like Flip-Flops. So before you do synthesis, which is a tedious process, you would want to make sure that the functionality aspect of your HDL-constructed design looks good.

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What is SoC verification ?

These days, SoCs are assembled by a lot of in-house and third party IP's. Integration of many processor cores and IP's is a challenging task. It is even more challenging to verify the various scenarios that comes with such complex designs. It has become essential to perform a hardware-software co-verification to cover functionalities presented by both hardware and software structures.

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